It’s that time again, kids! Guard your lunch money and don’t go near the playground, ‘cause there’re BULLIES about! But don’t worry, we got your back as we present two high school David & Goliath tales on VHS that will leave you cheering ‘No Recess!’

First up is MY BODYGUARD (1980), starring our favorite Obsolete misfit Chris Makepeace as the ‘new kid’ at a tough Chicago school, terrorized by teen thug Matt Dillon and his cronies. Chris takes a chance enlisting a fellow outcast for protection: ominous, silent Ricky (Adam Baldwin). Let’s just say they all learn a little something about friendship -- and busting noses.

Then it’s the High Noon of high school bully pictures, THREE O'CLOCK HIGH (1987), in which nebbishy Jerry (Casey Siemaszko) must pay the penalty for tapping new (scary) kid Buddy (Richard "KINDERGARTEN COP" Tyson) on the arm for a newspaper fluff piece. The tuff guy sets the hour of reckoning — a fight in the parking lot with the whole school watching. While the desperate clock ticks down, enjoy the Tangerine Dream soundtrack & place your bets on the big showdown!

As always, Freddy’s Happy Hour serves bros, dweebs and all the rest equally! Aren’t you glad you’re outta High School? Trivia & prizes before each movie!