EUROCRIME! Mike Malloy's Italian Crime Film Doc Released on VHS

Genre fans celebrate: Mike Malloy's documentary gets a limited edition VHS release

For hardcore film genre fans, Italian crime films of the '70s (aka poliziotteschi) have always lived unjustly in the shadow of better known giallo thrillers. But a few years ago, director Mike Malloy set out to change all that with his documentary EUROCRIME!, giving these hard nosed flicks the star treatment in all their groovy glory. Now, Celluloid Apocalypse is giving Malloy's film a limited edition VHS release. (Those seeking immediate gratification can stream the film on Amazon Prime.)


As a gracious nod to those of us who discovered poliziotteschi via the video stores of yore, the $40 special edition package includes:

  •  Clamshell VHS
  • Double-side poster including Australian daybill and Italian Locandina
  • 48 page fanzine

You can also order the package with all of the above plus a DVD for a few dollars more (heh-- $10 more, to be precise).