The leaves are falling and the air is crisp — Halloween is coming! This October we sink our teeth into a VHS double feature that goes straight for the jugular.

First up is VAMP (1986). Obsolete hero Chris Makepeace and his college pals have a Boys Night Out go south when their strip club of choice turns out to truly suck. These dancers bare all - including their teeth! With an immortal turn (and dance) by Grace Jones as the club’s top vamp.

The stakes are set high for our next flick, the original FRIGHT NIGHT (1985), in which horror fan William Ragsdale discovers his neighbor Chris Sarandon is a vampire with an eye on his toothsome girl, Amanda Bearse. He enlists former scary movie star Roddy McDowall to cut his teeth on some real vampire hunting.

Take a bite out of Halloween at Freddy’s, with ghoulish trivia, prizes and Happy Hour prices at the bar!