It’s August – that month when good Americans everywhere pack up their Family Trucksters and motor away down crumbling interstates as clogged as their arteries. This month we present a wacky VHS salute to that defining American accessory – the automobile.

First up is the lost not-quite-comedy-classic, MOVING VIOLATIONS (1985), penned by 80s yuk-master Neil Israel. Best remembered as the star vehicle for Bill Murray’s younger bro John, this film does for Driver’s Ed what POLICE ACADEMY did for the boys in blue (with a liberal dose of Stripes pixie dust thrown in). Watch this lovable group of court-ordered bad-driver misfits (Fred Willard, Jennifer Tilly…) foil the schemes of their corrupt cop instructor (Stacy Keach’s bro James, natch) and the evil sexy judge Sally ‘Hot Lips’ Kellerman, to regain their right-of-way on the road of life.

Then it’s Robert Zemeckis’ 1980 vehicle vehicle USED CARS (1980), featuring young Kurt Russell as Randy Russo, the best plaid blazer-closer on the New Deal lot, whose Arizona Senate ambitions get snarled in a ruthless sales-war with the dealership across the street. Featuring the great Jack Warden in a dual role, Lenny & Squiggy as other guys, and ‘Grandpa’ Al Lewis as the Judge, this great American satire puts you in the driver’s seat and kicks out the clutch!

What can we do to put you in a fine sedan? Come on down to Freddy’s Happy Hour to find out!