This October, we're dialing the Number of the Beast with a VHS double feature guaranteed to put the fear of the Dark Lord in you.

First up is TRICK OR TREAT (1986), a metal morality tale about Eddie (Marc 'Skippy from Family Ties' Price), a teen who with a spin of the vinyl resurrects his favorite musician -- with brutal results. With Ozzy Osbourne as a televangelist, Gene Simmons in a Wolfman Jack tribute, and axe work by Fast Eddie Clarke (Motörhead), this one rocks its credentials to its grave.

Then, roll the 20-sided die with MAZES AND MONSTERS (1982), the made-for-TV exposé of the dangers of role playing games. Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks gets in too deep on his favorite game, psychotic hallucinations and all, and only his game-addled friends can help him. With Obsolete favorite Chris Makepeace, and based on Rona Jaffe's reactionary novel inspired by the real-life disappearance of RPGer James Dallas Egbert.

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