MAN/CAVE! -- JAN 26 | 2:30 PM | FREDDY'S

It’s January, the first month of a new solar year, and Obsolete is getting Prehistoric! We’re hitting rewind on our celestial VCR, ‘rebooting’ civilization to a time when a good club & a roaring fire was all a man needed - & ‘social networking’ was a blood sport!

Speaking of fire, we kick things off with the unique & absorbing prehistoric saga QUEST FOR FIRE (1981). Long before Frankie Went to Hollywood, there were two tribes warring for survival in the form of flame & food. Join the eternally cro-magnon Ron Perlman, Everett ‘Twin Peaks’ McGill & a young Rae Dawn Chong as they scrabble across an unforgiving landscape to seek fire – and a future for their tribe. Along the way they’ll combat scary beasts, defeat violent marauders & discover the missionary position! Dialogue is entirely in grunts w/o subtitles, but trust us- have a few drinks & you’ll get it.

Then it’s a trip to the lighter side of prehistory with the unjustly forgotten CAVEMAN (1981), starring the Yellow Submariner himself, Ringo Starr! Our hero is Atouk, a cave schlub whose lust for Lana (Barbara Bach) gets him banished by bully Tonda (John Matuszak). Together with buddy Lar (Dennis Quaid) & female admirer Tala (Shelly Long), they encounter awesomely clay-mated dinosaurs & discover drugs, fire, and walking erectus. You’ll get the hang of cave-talk in no time - finding a mate to ‘zug-zug’ is up to you.

Follow the rock trail to Freddy’s, enjoy HAPPY HOUR & drag yer knuckles to the back-room for our (free) Prehistoric pow-wow!