Break out your flannel, grease up your mullet, and polish your sawed-off. Obsolete is Kicking Ass! Join us as we kick the door down into a brave new era -- the 1990s -- with two silent but deadly types they just don’t make anymore: the Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van-Damme, and the Quiet Man, Steven Seagal. All in living VHS!

First, JCVD takes a trip to Cajun country. See what happens when a Belgian bounces to the bayou in John Woo’s HARD TARGET (1993). You haven't lived till you've seen Van Damme's mullet curls wave in slow motion. Plus (spoiler alert!) he punches out a rattlesnake.

Then, Seagal is OUT FOR JUSTICE (1991). A loose-cannon NYPD detective (Seagal), a crack addict pal turned mob-backed kingpin (William Forsythe), Jerry Orbach, Gina Gershon and Canada passing for Dinkins-era Brooklyn? Yes, please.

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