Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus… Celebrate what you will, tis the season for Life Day! This year we're decking the halls with the infamous, George Lucas-disapproved STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL (1978). This giant WTF celebration is bonkers at worst and transcendent at best, proven by its left-field guest appearances: Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Jefferson Starship, and Harvey Korman (not to mention the expected stock Star Wars players). Did we mention Bruce Vilanch was a writer? And introducing animated Boba Fett! 

Then it’s a special once-in-a-lifetime Obsolete Special Event™, as we screen the legendary Troma-released Santa-slasher film CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980). Go behind the Child Actor’s Studio with its star, Mr. Andy Fenwick, who we'll have LIVE and in person! We will definitely find out what his favorite color is at least.

The reason for the season is at Freddy's, with trivia, prizes, and happy hour deals at the bar!