It’s Spring, that time when we emerge from our urban caves to take in a bit of the Great Outdoors. But LOOK OUT! It’s a Bear – It’s a Snake – It’s WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK!

First up is GRIZZLY (1976), a feral 'Jaws' knockoff wherein a a Scheider-esque park ranger fights Washington bureaucrats and fortune-hunting poachers all while stalking some sort of SUPER-bear lopping off honeymooners’ heads.

Everyone knows ‘Selena’ made Jennifer Lopez a star, but it would take ANACONDA (1997) to answer the urgent question ‘Can she play an ethno-documentarian?’ J-Lo and dope dream team Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, and Eric Stoltz embark on an Amazonian quest to locate a lost Indian tribe. Instead they just find Jon Voight and a giant killer snake. Nbd, just the perfect opportunity to yell at the movie screen.

It’s all happening indoors, with trivia, prizes, and Freddy’s fearsome Happy Hour!