Obsolete Review: Grizzly

Movie Review Grizzly

This time he's a bear!

In one of the best JAWS knockoffs out there -- GRIZZLY aka CLAWS aka KILLER GRIZZLY -- Christopher George plays an increasingly frustrated Roy Scheider-like Park Ranger  (go-to line "Son-of-a-bitch!") who must deal with a murderous 18-foot monster girzzly on the loose in his state park. From the maniac bear POV shots as it lops off heads and limbs of bathing beauties in spurts of glorious orange blood, to the priceless dialogue: “Well, let me tell you something, Kittridge. While you’ve been sitting around here on your fat ass, I’m out here making these woods a part of me. While you’re going back to your brown plastic office in Warshington!” This is one to remember.

The ranger’s antagonistic relationship with a greasy local politician furthers the JAWS dynamic, as does the Richard Dreyfuss flair of resident eccentric bear expert Richard Jaeckel, who lives among the forest creatures and can think like them. And then there’s the jaded local cokehead helicopter pilot, the last friend our ranger’s got. Together, this triumvirate must put a stop to the Grizzliness as only they know how.

Two paws up, girlfriend. See it on VHS April 26 as part of When Animals Attack!