Obsolete Review: Fear City, aka Ripper

Now everyone is living it...

FEAR CITY is an OK, seedy Abel Ferrara thriller with a glimpse of the real pre-Giuliani NYC, and more than a glimpse of Melanie Griffith’s boobies. It’s a modern take on Jack the Ripper (ever heard of him?), as a psychopathic stalker hunts Times Square strippers. Tom Berenger and Jack Scalia play the Rossis., two brothers running a stripper-placement agency forced to deal with the extinction of their talent. Oh yeah – Berenger’s ex-boxer also killed a guy in the ring once and has some kind of romantic history with Griffith.

Along the way, because it's Ferrara, we get nice Times Square flavor, pseudo TAXI DRIVER psycho purification training, homicide dick Billy Dee Williams and the aforementioned boobies of Griffith and Rae Dawn Chong.

Berenger must get involved again to protect his old flame, who has a nagging junk habit from back in the day. The climax in a dark alley is a bit of a let down (The Ripper knows Karate!), but at least David Johansen provides the movie's theme song. All in all this crap is still recommended.