This semester, we're shaping up and shipping out to the academy! 

In Mad Magazine's UP THE ACADEMY (1980), a group of misfits (including young Ralph Macchio) learn the ropes and yank chains at military. A disappointed Mad had all magazine and Alfred E. Neuman references removed for the original home video release, but they were later reinstated and will be seen at our show. And you can never remove the deft comic stylings of director Robert Downey Sr.

Then, the pathetic cadets of POLICE ACADEMY (1984) stick it to the man with the guidance of the great Steve Guttenberg. The city is bad, budgets are a mess, and so are the new police recruits. But when a riot breaks out downtown, guess who comes to the rescue? Not Bobcat Goldthwait. He doesn't show up till part 2, but the rest of the motley crew is in action, including Kim Cattrall's only appearance in the "series."

It's all happening at Freddy's, with trivia, prizes and Freddy's famous happy hour bar specials!