They say everything’s cyclical, but it’s sure starting to feel a lot like the 1980s again. Between Putin hanging crazy drapes for a new Iron Curtain, and the chaos of an ‘Arab Spring’-turned-shit-storm, who can blame the USA for getting a bit paranoid? Here at Obsolete, we couldn’t be better-positioned for this swing of the pendulum. We’ve got our bomb shelter well-stocked with VHS tapes & Ginsu knives & we’re ready to roll! Join us for two slices of prime 80s ‘Intruder Alert!’ jingoism from the pen of John Milius. 

First up is the notorious, hysterical, career-killing teen WWIII revenge saga, RED DAWN (1984) (co-written and directed by Milius). When Russkies and their Central American stooges invade our soil, it’s up to high school pals Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, and their fellow Wolverines to defend the heartland, kick Commie ass, and save the American Way. It’s the Breakfast Club you wish happened!

Then, the Milius-scripted, Spielberg-helmed mega-fiasco know as 1941. Slim Pickens, John Belushi, Ned Beatty, Eddie Deezen, Sam Fuller and a cast of hundreds combine ANIMAL HOUSE-style hijinks with a non-stop barrage of racist epithets in the quest to defend the Californian coast and (of course) save Christmas! All is Zany on the Western Front!

As always, it’s all happening at Freddy’s amazing Happy Hour with food and drink specials galore. What a way to go out!