Tag, you’re It! This month we revisit that bygone era when college kids discovered a controversial new Dungeons & Dragons — hunting each other down in cold blood under the guise of an ‘assassination game.’ Who better to lead us on this mission than the OG Nerd duo themselves, Robert Carradine & Anthony Edwards!

First up is the legendary TAG: THE ASSASSINATION GAME (1982), featuring Carradine and a young Linda Hamilton as students involved in a campus dart-tag strategy game that escalates into a real thing — with death and stuff. Fearing an accident might harm his Big Nerd on Campus gaming rep, Gersh (Bruce "RE-ANIMATOR" Abbott) takes it to the next level with deadly consequences. Can he be stopped by intrepid reporters Carradine and Hamilton, or perhaps appeased with the offering of nubile maidens?

In our next film, GOTCHA! (1985), Gilbert (I mean Anthony Edwards) discovers it’s all fun and games ‘til you’re on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. As an expert UCLA paintball assassin on vacation with pals in Paris, he meets the sultry femme fatale Linda Fiorentino and is drawn into an ever-deeper web of cloak & dagger spy shenanigans through East Berlin. Can he save the day for the CIA, or will he go all Snowden on us? 

Stalk back with us to those innocent days of role-playing assassin games. We promise it won’t hurt (much). In living VHS!!! Featuring Freddy’s Happy Hour specials, brain-tickling trivia, and prizes galore.

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