Our second annual tribute to Obsolete muse William Shatner also happens to be our third birthday! So we're celebrating with two bygone 1970s Shatman joints and enough Obsolete thrills & chills to remember and treasure like your favorite fold-out ‘Dynamite’ poster of Jimmie Walker.

First up is the Roger Corman-produced gangsta romp BIG BAD MAMA (1974), starring Police Woman herself, Angie Dickinson, in all her (ahem) GLORY as the gun-toting ringleader of a Southern bootlegging and bankrobbing caravan, with Bill as her gambler compadre. Throw in Tom Skerritt and a Patty Hearst-style rich girl kidnapping and we’re there!

Then it’s time for an epic dose of arachnophobia, 1970s enviro-paranoia-style. In KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS (1977), Shat is a hard-boiled Arizona veterinarian forced to confront a flesh-eating tarantula invasion of massive proportions! Watch as REAL spiders crawl over REAL actors in a REAL bar!!!

It’s all happening at Freddy’s Bar & Backroom, with trivia, prizes and Freddy's famous happy hour specials!