SHATSHOW 2013 -- MAR 24 | 2:30PM | FREDDY'S

The Shat-Man Cometh!

If you were privy to last month's Obsoleteness, you saw 'Wordman' Tom Berenger perfectly explain the important poetic use of the 'caesura,' a pause for dramatic emotional effect. This March 24, we salute the 'Czar of the Caesura'  - William Shatner. From Captain Kirk to ‘that Guy who sees the Gremlin on the Plane’ to ‘T.J. Hooker’ to Rocket Man, all words are clay for this Canadian wunderkind, equal in their power to move men, ships or mountains. 

As evidence, we offer you Exhibit #1 - INCUBUS (1965) (in living VHS!) in which Bill masters the ‘synthetic’ language of Esperanto, 20th century mankind’s proudest achievement. Witness a haunting, Bergman-esque supernatural romance with misty hills and pagan goat rituals that proves every language is a romance language if you work it like our man can! (subtitled for the uninitiated)

Then we dive into the deep end of ‘70s lust-in-the-afternoon sleazespoitation with IMPULSE (1974), in which our intrepid hero is a sweaty, widow-chasing con man & belly dancer aficionado on the prowl in small-town USA!! (with former Bond villain Harold ‘Odd Job’ Sakata!)
All at Freddy’s Happy Hour! Drink specials, trivia & intergalactic prizes. And you’re GONE!!!