Get Jacked! August 28, 4pm at Freddy's

The Dog Days are here- you may be staying in the city to take in the sights, free from the tourists on near-empty subways, or maybe you’ll take the family to an amusement park? Either way, you’re jacked!

First up is the NYC bona-fide crime caper classic THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1-2-3 (1974), starring Walter Matthau as the curmudgeonly-ist transit cop of all time, who must foil a group of color-coded baddies holding the downtown 6 train hostage. Featuring a who’s who of characters (Jerry Stiller, Hector Elizondo, Martin Balsam, etc.) and that classic ‘70s urban grime you can’t get at Urban Outfitters.

Then we head west to sunny CA for the star-studded ROLLERCOASTER (1977), filmed in exciting, bowel-rattling ‘Sensurround’! It’s up to George Segal and Richard Widmark to stop a serial bomber targeting America’s theme park rides, leading up a climactic confrontation at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Look carefully for a young Helen Hunt, Steve Guttenberg, and the amazing band Sparks! 

It’s all less than a price of a day pass or a train token (FREE) during Freddy’s always-thrilling Happy Hour. Trivia and prizes for the lucky ones! (You must be this tall to ride.)

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