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Yes- It’s Spring, that time when the thoughts of young men & women turn to the eternal quest- whether you call it ‘the nasty,’ ‘making whoopie’, ‘nabbin’ nookie’ et. al. Here at Obsolete headquarters, we don’t want to punish our youth for these natural urges – nay we will celebrate the birds & the bees (doing it) with two near-lost classics of the genre.

First up is the legendary LOSIN’ IT (1983), following a group of randy lads (Tom Cruise, Jackie Earle Haley, John Stockwell) in the button-down early 1960s on their journey to a virgin’s Valhalla: Tijuana, Mexico. Along the way they pick up disgruntled spouse Shelly Long seeking a quickie divorce, & get in deep with the corrupt policia capitan. Let’s say they just might learn a thing or two about growing up & the mystery of Spanish Fly!

Then it’s the Cannon Films (om) chestnut THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN (1983), an American remake of the Israeli PORKY’S–inspired LEMON POPSICLE. Follow LA high-schoolers doing anything they can for action, and marvel at Diane (BETTER OFF DEAD) Franklin’s perfect English accent! This one goes to some dark places many coming-of-age comedies ignore (but we can take it). They deliver pizza - & so much more!

So as the buds blossom & the birdies tweet (& re-tweet), come on down to Freddy’s to marvel with usat the timeless rituals of youth in lust! As always, Happy Hour & trivia will set the mood nicely.

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