This month we we take you on a trip back through an interstellar portal to the Toon Dimension, man! These aren’t yer little brother’s Saturday morning funnies- here it’s always Saturday night, the sorceresses are scantily clad and there’s a bitchin’ rock soundtrack. It’s time to get animated, so kick down the (black)lights, roll something nice & don’t get too close to our fantasy!

First stop- riding a winged demon straight out of the legendary illustrated fantasy monthly itself- it’s HEAVY METAL (1981). The pioneering animated anthology tracks adventures across space & time- space Corvettes, interstellar taxis, nubile sacrifice, human mutation & a green orb known as the Loc-Nar. Really makes you think- but while yer at it, enjoy the Cheap Trick as well as the voices of Canadian comedy greats Candy, Levy & Ramis bringing a human dimension to the far-out tales.

Next up- It was after the apocalypse, eh, and there were these two wizards left- it’s the legendary Ralph Bakshi’s WIZARDS (1977). In the land of Montagar, evil Blackwolf plots global domination. It’s up to his brother, wise-cracking magic man Avatar, elf-spy Weehawk and fairy king Sean (Mark Hamill) to save the kingdom. Loosely based on the underground comic ‘Cheech Wizard’ by Vaughn Bode, and featuring Bakshi’s trademark ‘rotoscoping’ live-action sequences, it’s about the folly of technology and mind control and it’s a real trip, man.

So we hope you’ll come along on our animated VHS carpet ride - as always, Freddy’s Happy Hour awaits you, be you ‘toon or human, and trivia & special surprises will be unspooled.