June: The weather is warmer, the school year is almost over, and the natives are getting nihilistic. Time for a double dose of teen angst with a capital A (for Anarchy)!

First up is OVER THE EDGE (1979). The suburban wasteland New Granada sets the stage for a group of friends (including 14 year old Matt Dillon in his feature film debut) for whom sex, drugs and growing up lead to an explosive revolt pitting kids against adults — and perhaps the darkest ending to a teen movie ever.

Then, in PUMP UP THE VOLUME (1990), Christian Slater is a nerdy loner by day and shock pirate radio jock by night, riling up students, parents, and eventually the FCC. Samantha Mathis plays Lois Lane to Slater’s Superman, and you’ll never hear Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” the same way again.

Plus trivia and prizes, all at Freddy’s, where we’ve got no class, no principals, and Happy Hour detention till 7.