Dust off your decorative gourds ya’ll, because we’re serving up country ham for the holidays!

First up is RHINESTONE (1984), a country-fried Pygmalion in which Dolly Parton tries to make a country star of uncouth cabbie Sylvester Stallone. Director Bob Clark (PORKY'S) hits the slapstick hard, Sly crushes the comedy (though not so much the singing part), and Dolly is, well, Dolly. It’s a refreshing gulp of sweet tea.

Next is ROAD HOUSE (1989). The late, great Patrick Swayze is Dalton, the Zen bouncer at a rowdy roadside saloon who sticks it to the Man (Ben Gazzara) and gets Kelly Lynch to boot! Jeff Healey leads the backing band, and Sam Elliott lends cowboy cred. If you don’t know this country action classic, maybe Dalton should school you — with a punch to the throat and a swift kick in the rear. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

Ya’ll come on down to Freddy’s, where it’s Happy Hour in the front and trivia, prizes and movies in the back!