Oscars, schmoscars! As we descend into the depths of winter, Obsolete Cinema hits the slopes for a no-holds-barred white knuckle comedy slalom, featuring the legendary teen-angst classic BETTER OFF DEAD (1985) & ski sex romp HOT DOG… THE MOVIE (1984). This stuff is Pure Snow!!

First up, it’s the jewel in the early-Cusack canon, from the pen of ‘Savage’ Steve Holland, who kicks Cameron Crowe’s ass any day. No one does ennui better as a recently dumped misfit in a ski-bum town, bullied by jocks, haunted by animated hamburgers, Cosell-channeling Japanese dragsters & comely French exchange student. It all climaxes at a showdown on K-12, the deadliest slope around. Eminently quotable and featuring David Ogden Stiers as dad, Booger as a guy like Booger, and an appearance by the late Taylor Negron as a nosy mailman.

Then look out & get stupid as the Rad Pack hits Squaw Valley for a major freestyle ski-smackdown, led by David ‘I’m a Pepper’ Naughton! Along the way they make enemies with an Austrian & prove wet T-shirt contests are even more challenging at this frigid altitude. Only an extended massive winner-take-all ‘Chinese Downhill’ race can determine the REAL Hot Dog. Co-stars ex-Playboy playmate Shannon Tweed. See why even the NY Times’ Janet Maslin called the film ‘less moronic than it might have been.’

So trudge down to Freddy’s for Winter Laffs and Happy Hour refreshments!