Obsolete Review: Out For Justice

Steven Seagal is... Lookin' for Richie!


“I’m lookin’ for Richie.” This is Seagal’s mantra in this largely entertaining, Brooklyn-set, cop-out-for-vengeance vehicle. Richie (William Forsythe), ya see, was Seagal’s childhood buddy from the ‘old neighborhood’; only he turned into a bad egg; first with The Mob, then as a loose cannon druggie murderer on a bloody rampage. His most recent victim is Seagal’s partner. Only one man can take him down. As Seagal demands from his chief (Jerry Orbach), ‘give me a sawed-off and an unmarked and I’ll take care of it.’

Seagal’s cop must go deep into his Brooklyn (mostly Toronto) roots, sorting the truth from the Mean Streets, and uncovering his partner's less-than-saintly secret life (whores). Along the way, we get butcher-shop baddies, stereotypical Mob cronies, Brooklyn 'goils' Gina Gershon, Julianna Margulies and plenty of fake I-talian talk from the star. It all culminates when Seagal finally finds Richie (his White Whale) and engages in a mano-a-mano face-off in a house of ill-repute. Is there anybody who can do martial-arts above the waist ass-kicking any better?

Youse can check it out on VHS Feb 23, along with Jean-Claude Van Damme in HARD TARGET, at our Winter Action Slam!