Swords & Sandals: Krull & Masters of the Universe November 29!

Forsooth! The ides of November neareth, when a man must test his mettle ‘gainst the steely North wind! But what manner of madness is this? A double-serving of fantastic features in the womb of Freddy’s Happy Hour? Weary from Holiday travels? Grab ye a tankard of mead and plant yourself among friend to witness hearty mirth and adventure – for once again it’s time for Obsolete Cinema: Swords & Sandals edition!

Firstly it’s KRULL (1983) – it just feels right to say – ‘Krull.’ Here is the legendary tale of the ‘Slayers,’ traveling through space-time in the mysterious Black Fortress. After a botched wedding, it’s a race against the clock to save the cosmos - Can a rag-tag band of misfits (including a magician & cyclops!) and the Glaive (5-pointed throwing star) do the job? Feat. Liam Neeson, Robbie Coltrane & an amazing array of eye-watering sets & creatures. Krull!

Then – all-together now – ‘We Have the Power!’ It’s MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (1987), the tale of Mattel plastic action hero He-Man, as only Dolph Lundgren could play him, pitted against the evil Skeletor (Frank Langella) & Castle Grayskull. But wait- When He-Man attempts to rescue a sorceress, he misplaces a dimensional key, and the wackiness ensues - a fish-out-of water story as He-Man & gang (Billy Barty!) find themselves in ‘present-day’ Earth, and all the fast food placement that entails. With the help of Courteney Cox and some junk-store Casio keyboards they must fight their way back to their own dimension to save the world! 

These two-fisted tales should sate any thirsty hero- so come on down to wallow in the mystic myre with us in Freddy’s Back Room, where Happy Hour and hearty tots await ye!

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