This month, Obsolete sings out with Pride -- that indomitable spirit that makes you raise your voice high & stand out in the crowd. And we're doing it with two tunesters from 1980 that'll really get you going.

First, forget everything you thought you knew about the Village People. Only Obsolete is brave enough to offer you the REAL story in CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC (1980). Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner, the Cop, the Construction Worker, the Indian, the Leather Daddy, et al. show what they can can do with a song & a dream!

Then, get back to the future (1994!) in the sci-fi--martial-arts-disco-rock opera THE APPLE (1980). No description does it justice. Directed by obsolete mogul Menahem Golan, this is a face melter for the ages.

With our famous trivia and prizes, it's all happening at Freddy's, where the beat don't stop till the break of dawn and the happy hour specials last all afternoon.