The Best Obsolete Gifts for Dad Online

Photo by ThomasVogel/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ThomasVogel/iStock / Getty Images

Let's face it, dads are hard to shop for. The man either won't give a clue to what he likes or tries to be a gift martyr and says something like, "You don't have to get me anything." But that doesn't mean you should leave Dear Old Dad out to dry when it comes to a little something to remember you by. And we're not talking about getting a tie or power tools or grill gear or whatever "gadget" the world is advertising. We're talking about creative gift ideas that define the Obsolete Dad.

Show your dad you know a little something about him. From electronics to beer pong, find gifts for dad online with these ideas for the ultimate Obsolete Father's Day gifts. [Disclosure: Most links below are affiliate links. Your purchases help support Obsolete Cinema. Win-win!]

VHS Video Cover Art: 1980s to Early 1990s

What VHS Video Cover Art lacks in a dull title it makes up for in awesome content -- scores of fantastic, lurid, eye-catching VHS covers that define a bygone era. Thomas Hodge (aka The Dude Designs) knows poster art -- he's done his fair share of cool stuff -- and what he's assembled is essentially anything and everything that informed his own work. That's called passion, folks.

If the dad in your life is a VHS lover (why would you be here if he wasn't?), this book will be a big hit.


Toshiba Refurbished VHS-DVD Recorder Combo

Does your Dad still have his original JVC pop-top VCR from the '70s? Or maybe his $10 Goodwill knock-off player is about to die? Treat him to a DVD-VCR combo. 

If you came to any of our shows in the last couple years, you saw Josh hauling one of these around. This machine is a workhorse -- reliable, easy to use, and an essential addition to every Obsolete home. Picking up a refurbished player like this gets you a higher end machine while keeping the cost down.


If Dad is a caffeine head, a novelty mug like any of the above will go over well. It kind of borders on tie territory, but it's so much more useful. If you're after cheap presents for dad, this is a great place to start. Start grinding those beans now.


You can't have a vinyl collection without a turntable. For the dad looking to scale down the home system but still embrace the analog, this Audio-Technics USB record player allows Mac and PC hookups to span technology and get him a little closer to the singularity. For the 21st Century Digital Boys out there, it allows you to digitize records. (But why would you want to do that?)


Killer Collector's VHS Tapes on eBay

Or try truly unique gifts for dad. For us, eBay is a no brainer and defines the Obsolete Dad. It's always been a collector's paradise, and if you haven't perused the VHS tapes lately, we highly recommend it.

Search VHS Tapes priced $20-$200

It takes a bit of hunting and knowing your dad's taste, but if you already collect VHS, then you probably also love the thrill of the hunt.


Loot Crate - Geek & Gamer Gear Delivered Monthly

Loot Crate Time Travel crate

Is your dad a geek? But, like, the cool kind? Then Loot Crate is another creative gift idea.

With this monthly subscription service, members receive a themed mystery box filled with enough collectibles to make Comic Book Guy from THE SIMPSONS blush. You can pinpoint your themes -- Anime, Gaming, Firefly, Star Wars, etc. -- or go with the regular, broader themed box -- this month's theme is Dystopia! Bonus: Every month a lucky member wins a Mega Crate valued at over $2000. Plans start at $11.95/month. From sci-fi to fantasy to infinity and beyond (seriously, they even have pet and clothing crates), Loot Crate has it!


Don't Give Up: Gift Cards

Gift cards are a paradox. Giving them feels like throwing in the towel, but we all love to receive them. But never mind that, if you're out of ideas (or the kind of person who every year asks, "When is Father's Day anyway?") give Dad the freedom of choice. It isn't a cop out. Getting him nothing is a cop out.


This is just a smattering of gifts for dad online. If you have any big ideas, share them in the comments below!