Before Occupy, Credit Default Swaps and the Fiscal Cliff, the 99% have always had it rough. This month, join us for a post-tax season salute to Rodney Dangerfield & Richard Pryor, two of the more subversive citizens ever to pull the lever on the American Dream Machine.

First up is EASY MONEY, (1983) Rodney’s first star vehicle, in which hard-partying Monty Capuletti (what is this, Shakespeare?) stands to win his mother-in-law’s 10 mil inheritance – just one catch- he must ditch all his considerable vices for one year. Monty must also shepherd his daughter (Jennifer Jason Leigh!) to her impending nuptials w/a louse named Julio, as scheming Jeffery Jones does what he does best (scheme) to bilk Monty out of his rightful due. Oops – forgot to mention Pesci as his no good bum best friend. It’s a lock!

Then it’s BREWSTER'S MILLIONS (1985), the story of Monty Brewster (Pryor), a minor-league baseball catcher who discovers he has a long-lost great uncle (Hume Cronyn), and 300 million to gain if (just one catch)- he can spend 30 million in 30 days. It’s up to him & best pal Spike (John Candy) to make sure he can spend said moulah in the most Trump-on-crack foolish ways possible, including waging a campaign for NYC Mayor for ‘none of the above.’ It’s a Walter Hill comedy joint also featuring Obsolete mainstay Rick Moranis, Yakov Smirnoff and a cast of thousand (mooks.) So join us, won’t you as we go FULL MONTY & GET RICH QUICK?!

It’s all happening at Freddy’s Happy Hour, with decadent drink specials, trivia & prizes for youse all!