This September we detour from our standard Back to School theme to celebrate that time-honored male Hollywood coming-of-age tradition: when your biggest worry evolves from finding a prom-date who ‘gets you’ to avenging your brother against a homicidal drug dealer. In short, when the Brat Pack become men.

First up is OUT OF BOUNDS (1986), the startling (& awkward) tale of Hughes-ian favorite Anthony Michael Hall as a midwest corn-pone who, thanks to a case of mistaken duffel identity, finds himself adrift in the violent underbelly of LA seeking the heroin dealer who killed his brother. His quest will bring him into some of La-La land’s seediest goth dives (look quick for Siouxsie & Banshees!), and feature incomprehensible shootouts. Anthony – there’s no turning back.

Then in TUFF TURF (1985), perennial preppie prick James Spader is the new kid in town, a drifter with his eyes on a gang girl from the wrong side of the tracks. See him ride his bike through gangland, a one man force for decency in a world gone mad. See his ‘punk’ buddy Robert Downey Jr. drum with street poet Jim Carroll! See blonde boyhood bruised & bloodied, but not defeated!

All in glorious VHS, at the one-and-only Freddy’s Bar & Backroom Happy Hour!