A salute to Michael Paré!

We're getting the gang back together! Join us for an Obsolete tribute to Brooklyn's own Michael Paré featuring STREETS OF FIRE (1984), the WEST SIDE STORY of 1980s bike gang musicals, plus EDDIE & THE CRUISERS (1983), the CITIZEN KANE of Jersey bar band reunion flicks.

First up in our double-whammy of ‘rock n’ roll fables’ is Walter Hill’s STREETS OF FIRE (1984), a bike gang musical fantasia set in an ‘unnamed city’ in an ‘unknown time’ that resembles the 80s w/50s greaser flourishes. ‘Soldier of Fortune’ Michael Pare must rescue his rocker girlfriend Ellen Aim (Diane Lane) from the clutches of Raven Shaddock (Willem Dafoe) & his fearsome gang the Bombers. He’ll of course need the help of slimy Billy Fish (Rick Moranis). Stay tuned for fisticuffs, crash-ups & the streetwise anthemic (ahem) power of Dan Hartman’s ‘I Can Dream About You.’

Then take a trip back to the ‘Dark Side’ for the legend of EDDIE & THE CRUISERS (1983), the classic rags-to-riches story of a Jersey garage band and the mysterious disappearance of its soul-searching lead singer (Pare). Quick – who would you have in your all-star tock combo? On keys (he wrote this!) – Tom Berenger (check); on the low end – Matthew ‘Mook’ Laurance (check). But yer gonna need a manager – how bout Joey ‘Pants’ Pantoliano? What really happened to Eddie who took a powder during the recording of the band’s ‘difficult’ second album ‘Season in Hell’? It’s up to intrepid reporter Ellen Barkin to sort through the puzzle and set rock history straight. Come for the Boss-like chart-topping sounds of John Cafferty & his Beaver Brown Band - stay for the crappy movie!