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We Want the Airwaves: UHF & TAPEHEADS

Badgers? We DON’T need no STINKING BADGERS! As the Man works ever-harder in these tremendous times to consolidate our media choice and voice (Sinclair and Net Neutrality much?), we kick off this Obsolete year with a few scrappy reminders of the power of the people when they put their freaky heads together!

First up is the one and only living treasure ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic in the legendary DIY TV saga UHF! (1989). As George Newman, Al takes over a low-budget station his uncle won in a poker game and drafts a motley crew of would-be-hosts, including spastic janitor Stanley Spadowsky (Michael Richards); cub reporter Fran (The Nanny) Drescher; animal stunt artist Trinidad (Colors) Silva, and so many more. When Channel 62’s ratings raise the roof, sneering local media mogul Kevin McCarthy threatens to buy them out. But the gang pitches together a wacky telethon to make the station publicly-owned once and for all. Featuring Al’s trademark media takeoffs and a whole lotta spunk!

Then it’s the dynamic VHS duo John Cusack and Tim Robbins in the music video rags-to-riches saga TAPEHEADS (1988). When the boys lose their security jobs, they jump on the lowest rung of the vid-tainment ladder to produce low-budget music videos as the ‘Video Aces.’ After working with their soul heroes the ‘Swanky Modes’ (Sam Moore and Junior Walker), they hatch a plot for global video takeover through Menudo concert sabotage! Produced by Monkee-man Michael Nesmith, and with a Fishbone score and an all-star ‘is-that?’ cameo list (Courtney Love, Lyle Alzado, Jello Biafra, Stiv Bators and the Lords of New Church, etc.), you might agree that TAPEHEADS is Aces! (or not)

Speaking of dynamic VHS duos, we’re tickled pink to welcome you to a whole ‘nother year of Obsolete Thrills! See ya in the backroom for Happy Hour specials and top-notch entertainment!

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