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Travolta-cise: Perfect & Staying Alive

It’s (finally) getting warm out there – and it’s about to get HOT. Time to shape that couch-potato flab into hunky FAB! with this amazing VHS double-feature built to get your blood pumping and your jive talking. Strap on those leg-warmers, it’s time to Travolta-Cise!

First up, in PERFECT (1985) John plays a hard-nosed Rolling Stone reporter who gets bored with his unsexy crime beat and goes ‘deep cover’ to get to the bottom of the seamy LA gym-aerobics dating scene-even if it means auditing Jamie Lee Curtis’ ruthlessly choreographed workout class. Sparks (and sweat) will fly in this unjustly-neglected 1985 time capsule, also featuring Marilu Henner and RS editor Jann Wenner as himself!

Then we revisit Travolta’s best loved Brooklyn boy Tony Manero in the Sly Stallone!-directed Saturday Night Fever sequel STAYING ALIVE (1983). Follow Manero in the gritty Chorus Line-style saga of hungry dancers who’ll do anything to make it big on ‘Satan’s Alley’ - Broadway. Thrill to the love triangle drama of class-torn Tony as he and the gang get ready for the Big Show. Features not only the Bee Gees but the sexy musical stylings of Frank Stallone, and the spandex/scarf ensembles of your wildest dreams.

So fold up that slice, Tony-style, and strut down to Freddy’s to kick off the summer in style - as always it’s Happy Hour, Trivia will be served and we’ll be dancin’, yeah.

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