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Arcade Fire: Tilt & Joysticks

Stuff those quarter rolls in yer sport socks, kiddies, ‘cause we’re going to the ARCADE! Yes, we’re kicking off summer with that ritual of yore, spoken in the language of boops, beeps, and balls. Tell your mom you’re hanging with Richie for the afternoon and join us to sharpen your reflexes, arouse your libidos and maybe – just maybe – warm your heart?

First up is the undisputed champ of Brooke Shields / Charles Durning face-offs, TILT (1979). Brooke is the titular California teen runaway and pinball wizard who, through the mentorship (heh) of an aspiring country singer/songwriter, sings and shoots her way to Texas for the climactic ($3,500) pinball match vs. ‘The Whale’ (Durning). Also featuring Lorenzo Llamas!

Wanna go for a higher score? Stick around for the raucous riot that is JOYSTICKS (1983). Evil Joe Don Baker is the local real estate kingpin threatening the town arcade, THE place in town for the kids to meet, compete, and sometimes get nude. It’s up to a bargain-basement Porky’s-esque crew to save the arcade and defeat the Man. Along the way, you can bet there’ll be plenty T ‘n A, and Jon ‘Lazlo’ Gries as reigning punker King Vidiot!

So come on down for an afternoon of fun and games as only Obsolete Cinema can serve. Anybody who shows up is already a champion in our book!

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