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Stallone Summer Slam: Cobra & Over the Top

We’re doing July on the Sly… Stallone, that is. Join us for a VHS double feature of Sylvester Stallone favorites from the Cannon Films catalog.

First up is the drop dead classic COBRA (1986), with Sly as Marion “Cobra” Cobretti, a take-no-prisoners task force cop fully embroiled in the badassery of LA law enforcement. Stallone is like a Terminator here — they just don’t make ‘em this violent anymore.

Then, dial it back to Drama with OVER THE TOP (1987), the touching story of a wayward father and son and the bonds of arm wrestling. Featuring numerous ‘80s music montages courtesy of director (and Cannon co-head) Menahem Golan.

Truck on down to Freddy’s, where the movies are hot, the beer is cold, and we’re always embracing the analog.

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