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ShatShow V: Unpresidented

William Shatner - Obsolete Cinema ShatShow V Unpresidented

It’s that time again: March, when we salute the man, the legend, the meme-in-motion and Obsolete muse William Shatner. We’re going deep-cover this year with two provocative titles guaranteed to make you cock an eyebrow and shift uneasily in your seat, groping for your communicator, asking just – how – long – can this go on?!

First up: the timely THE KIDNAPPING OF THE PRESIDENT (1980), an espionage caper in which POTUS Hal Holbrook is abducted while visiting our ‘friendly’ neighbors to the North. With the leader of the free world held captive in a booby-trapped armored truck in downtown Toronto, it’s up to Secret Agent Shat-Man to hatch a scheme to save him before he blows up real good. Inexplicably, Ava Gardner also appears. We have a feeling Canada will save our ass again.

Thank you Shat – may we have another? YES. It’s time to fly the friendly skies again with our seasoned hero in THE HORROR AT 37,000 FEET (1973), a made-for-TV whatsit so incredible it cannot be summarized (ok – not gremlins this time but angry DRUIDS!). Pilot Chuck Connors, millionaire Buddy Epsen, and a defrocked drunken priest (our man Shat) must navigate some bumpy air in order to free their LA bound flight form the grips of nefarious Pagan spirits seeking the return of their sacred altar (in baggage hold). Maybe Bill’s Incubus training will come in handy?

Mark yer calendars and fire up the transporter – destination: Freddy’s Back Room for another spectacular Happy Hour ShatShow double-feature!!

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