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The Russian Dossier: Red Heat & Moscow on the Hudson

This month, our Obsolete Special Counsel is coming in from the cold for a double-feature of ‘Useful Idiots’ straight from the Kremlin — the buddy actioner RED HEAT and the irresistibly cuddly MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON. So curl up with a Moscow Mule and check it out, comrade!

First up is Walter Hill’s RED HEAT (1986), assembling the can’t-miss duo of Chicago cop Jim Belushi and Russian exchange cop Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s in the Windy City to avenge the mystery death of his partner. Together they must foil an international crime ring and destroy many vehicles. Featuring Peter Boyle, Gina Gershon & Larry Fishburne — DA!

Then, it’s Paul Mazursky’s fish-out-of-water comedy MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON (1984). Robin Williams is at his non-Patch Adams best as a Russian circus musician who defects to the US while on a tour in Gotham.  He’s just trying to get by with a little help from his comrades, including the lovely Maria Conchita Alonzo and (wait for it) Yakov Smirnov! In Russia, subway take you!

The Cold War may be over (Russia won), but that’s no excuse not to have a few laffs, yes? See you at Freddy’s for another cold shot of and Happy Hour specials! (No borscht.)

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