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Cage Match Deux! Wild at Heart & Face/Off

  • Freddy's Bar 627 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 (map)

We know. It’s February - maybe you’re getting a little case of cabin fever, turning just a little bit crazy. But ask yourself - are you Nicolas Cage crazy? Come judge for yourself as we present our second annual ‘Cage Match’ double-feature with Nic at his off-the-rails best.

First up is the notorious David Lynch road saga WILD AT HEART (1990), the sprawling story of a star-crossed couple (Sailor and Lula) on the lam in Lynch’s America. Nic and Laura Dern burn up the screen (‘hotter than Georgia asphalt!’), and Willem Defoe leaves a greasy impression as the slimy arch-criminal Bobby Peru. With a stable of Lynch regulars (H. D. Stanton, Jack Nance, and so many more!). It’s Lynch’s most epic American film (and perhaps the origin of Nic’s Elvis fixation), portraying a land that’s only gotten weirder, and the Obsolete faithful will notice a definite Oz continuum~

Then buckle up for John Woo’s FACE/OFF (1997), a body (ok-face)—switch action flick for the ages. In his dogged pursuit of madman bomber Castor Pollux (Cage), FBI Special Agent (John Travolta) goes the extra mile and gets a full-on face transplant (yep) to convince Pollux’s gang to reveal details of his latest plot. But Pollux ain’t going out like that- he escapes prison and forces a face transplant of his own with - you-guessed-it - ‘Vinny Barbarino.’ Good is Evil and vice versa as Woo escalates a highly entertaining cat-and-mouse game with two meshugenah actors relishing inhabiting the other’s persona. Things blow up real good - and by the end you won’t care who’s who.

So join us - the unCaged - in Freddy’s Back Room for face-scratching trivia and Happy Hour specials. But don’t touch the snakeskin jacket - ‘It’s a symbol of our individuality and belief in personal freedom.’

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