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Metal MAY-hem! Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Decline of Western Civilization II, & Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

The weather’s warmer and we’re ready to rock! Metal is our element of choice, so mosh your way to a head bangin’ triple feature designed to raise the Dark Lord Himself!

First up is one of the first and most metal viral videos, HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT (1986). This look at heshers pregaming a Judas Priest concert in Maryland needs no introduction. Just settle in and get prepare to rock. Viva Zebra Man!

Chris Holme in Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years

Next is Penelope Spheeris’ classic L.A. glam metal doc, THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION II: THE METAL YEARS (1988). SEE: Chris Holmes of WASP wasted in a pool with his mom; Ozzy spill orange juice during an interview; the beginning of the end for the Sunset Strip.

Jim Mikl Thor in Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare

As an encore we have the face melting Canuxploitation classic, ROCK ’N’ ROLL NIGHTMARE (1987). Jon Mikl Thor (of the band Thor) stumbles his way through this tale of a metal band’s encounters with demons (actually, finger puppets). It’s Ed Wood and Tommy Wiseau by way of Ozzy! 

This Memorial Day weekend, raise Hell at Freddy’s, where the Happy Hour is brutal and the booze is HARD.

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