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Hallow-SHEEN Redux! Maximum Overdrive & The Wraith

  • Freddy's Bar 627 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States (map)
Emilio Estevez in Maximum Overdrive Charlie Sheen in The Wraith

The Obsolete Devoted may recall the Great Projector Fail of October 2018, which resulted in cancellation of our hell-on-wheels double helping of the brothers Sheen/Estevez. Never one to let the machines win, in 2019 we return to the Back Room to take on the terror! Behold: HALLOW-SHEEN REDUX!

First up: It’s the rise of the machines in Stephen King’s MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE (1986). King’s one & only directorial effort, based on his short story ‘Trucks,’ it follows the wacky (and deadly) events at a North Carolina truck-stop as the Earth passes through the tail of a creepy comet. Inanimate machines from the banal (ATM) to the terrifying (flat-bed trucks) take on a life of their own as inanimate actors (led by Emilio) are forced to do battle to defend humankind for some reason. Things blow up REAL GOOD and ass-kicking soundtrack is provided by AC-DC (of course)!

Then, it’s THE WRAITH (1986), the otherworldly tale of a street-racing teen ghost (Charlie) who storms back into his Arizona hometown to take sweet supernatural revenge on the gang that offed him. Is this rebel really who he seems and can he defeat the ruthless ringleader of said gang (Nick Cassavetes) and his crew, using only his bitchin’ super-bike/turbo ghost car and the love of a good woman (Sherilyn Fenn)? Join us to find out! Featuring Randy Quaid as befuddled small-town sheriff and Clint Howard as ‘Rughead.’

Hit the road to Freddy’s for a tiger-blooded two-fer from the brothers like no others. Enjoy the Happy Hour horrors and then let out a banshee howl - for it’s HALLOW-SHEEN!!