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Obsolete Cinema Comes Up Short! Innerspace & Clifford

  • Freddy's Bar 627 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States (map)

This month we salute one of our most precious and reliable Canadian imports: funny-man Martin Short. Every generation gets the Jerry Lewis it deserves, and from SCTV/SNL days to the present, ‘Marty’ has provided a wealth of laughs for a society sorely in need. Strap yerself in for a wild ride at Freddy’s as we present two of his eclectic film vehicles: INNERSPACE (1987) and CLIFFORD (1994).

Martin Short Innerspace (1987)

FIrst up, it’s back to the gushing Joe Dante well for the madcap sci-fi popcorn flick INNERSPACE. As a neurotic supermarket clerk, Short is unwittingly wrapped up in a top-secret miniaturization experiment, as aviator Dennis Quaid is hurriedly injected into his bloodstream during a hot spy pursuit. It’s a race against the clock to prevent the baddies (led by Obsolete staple Kevin McCarthy) getting that ‘computer chip.’ Featuring a stream of body-switching/morphing gags for the ages and Short’s inimitable physical comedy stylings as a man possessed. Plus Meg Ryan.

Martin Short Clifford (1994)

Then prepare for sublime weirdness as Marty goes off the rails as troublesome 10-yr old hellion CLIFFORD. (1994) The red-headed spitfire wants only to go to Dinosaur World and is never seen without his toy dino Stephan. After forcing a plane into an emergency landing in LA (you’ll see), Clifford is foisted onto his uncle (Charles Grodin at his most-harried) and his fiancee (Mary Steenburgen warming up for STEPBROTHERS). When denied his amusement park dream, the boy takes revenge on Grodin’s career and personal goals, turning him into a wreck of a man — with hilarious results! With Dabney Coleman as that guy.

We’re really becoming so excited (I must say) about this incredible Martin Short double — so join us at Freddy’s Bar & Backroom for the Happy Hour hijinks and laugh your sorry asses off!

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