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RESIST! The Legend of Billie Jean & Turk 182

Desperate times call for desperate measures. In our gold-plated era of re-blossoming activism, come get RADICAL with us as we present two rollicking tales of ‘flies in the ointment’ who held truth to power, let out a rebel yell and stuck it to the Man. Together, we will be (yes) invincible!

First up is the righteous Southern revenge saga THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN (1985). When trying to retrieve her brother’s stolen scooter in a small Texas town, an attempted rape turns Helen ‘Supergirl’ Slater’s life upside down, leading her to mobilize a rag-tag rebel army against the crooked backwater. She gets a boss new haircut, holds the yahoo thief hostage & captures the youth appeal through video manifestos (and Benatar tunes) — ‘Fair is Fair!’ Also features Yeardley Smith, Peter Coyote and Dean Stockwell.

Next we go OG-Banksy with the NYC underdog rouser TURK 182 (1985). When Timothy Hutton’s firefighter bro Robert Urich is severely injured during a raging blaze, he is denied benefits and disgraced by the mayor (Robert Culp) as a drunk. Hutton doesn’t get mad, he gets (NYC-style) even — tagging his brother’s nickname and badge number throughout the city. And with the help of social worker Kim Cattrall, he mobilizes the whole dirty ‘burg to his cause. With Peter Boyle and Darren McGavin. (Fugeddaboutit!)

It’s Spring — let’s take the streets, starting with Freddy’s Backroom. But don’t march on an empty stomach — mouth-watering Happy Hour food specials and brain-watering trivia and prizes await. Fight the Power!

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