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The Death Aquatic! Orca & Jaws: The Revenge

  • Freddy's Bar 627 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States (map)

This August we present a double-whammy of killer whale / killer shark ham-fisted aquatic adventures, skippered by classically-cured British hams Richard Harris and Michael Caine. Don a red cap if you like, matey - we’re heading for uncharted waters - ARRRH!

First up is the killer whale tale ORCA (1977). After Irish-Canadian skipper Richard Harris mistakenly slays a pregnant female Orca on a mission (whoops), its surviving mate is REALLY pissed. Having lost his own family in an accident, the captain can relate (drunkenly poetically) to his predator, even as his crew (Robert Carradine, Bo Derek!) is systematically destroyed and maimed by the bloodthirsty mammal. Harris realizes he is the main target of whale-wrath and lures the animal to the Great White North for the ultimate iceberg face-off.

Next we jump (way) over the shark with numero four in the OG killer fish series JAWS: THE REVENGE (1987). Lorraine Gary (widow to Roy Scheider’s Amity Island sheriff from original film) is convinced she is a target of Great White Vendetta. After losing her son also, she decides on a change of scenery and travels to the Bahamas where she meets local pilot Hoagie (yes - Michael Caine). But wouldn’t you know- that same Great White shows up and it’s up to Hoagie to protect what’s left of the family (& bore them with English wisdom on a banana boat) Enjoy Rasta flavor and tropical vibes as we watch another epic aqua-battle ensue. Also featuring Lance ‘Last Starfighter’ Guest.

So come on over & cool off in Freddys Backroom for this epic nautical two-fer. Order a Happy Hour cocktail and tie yerself down – we might need a bigger boat!

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