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Back to School: Deep Cover Edition - Hiding Out & Kindergarten Cop

  • Freddy's Bar 627 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States (map)

Hey kids – whatta-you wanna be when you ‘grow up’? Well this month you might say it’s ‘Career Day’ at Obsolete Cinema. Only one thing – these grown-ups just want to get back to school! Join us when we find out what happens when two guys (a stockbroker & a cop) trade in their 401K for a hall pass for the noble purpose of nailing the ‘baddies’– it’s Back to School: Deep Cover Edition in living VHS!


First up, ‘Duckie’ is on the run in HIDING OUT (1987). Yes, America’s sweetheart Jon Cryer is all growed up as a bearded NYC day trader-turned ‘state’s witness’ in trouble with the mob. So he takes it on the lam to Delaware to hide out with his auntie, shaves & grabs that bottle of peroxide and goes back to what he knows best – being a high school misfit! Can he outsmart the big-city hitmen, ace that trig test & just maybe ‘score’ (nah)? Also features Keith Coogan, Annabeth Gish & Cryer’s own mom as his aunt!?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Then – all together now ‘It’s not a tumor!’ In KINDERGARTEN COP (1990) Arnie Schwarzenegger stretches credulity to the limit, then breaks its ‘girly-boy’ arms when he plays a LA detective who trades in his badge and grabs the chalk to become a substitute kindergarten teacher in small-town Astoria, Oregon. See he’s pursuing the murderer of a police informant, whose ex (Penelope Ann Miller) happens to also be a teacher there. Watch to see how Arnold handles a classroom full of screaming tots, woos the teacher and nails the baddie – all with hilarious results. An Ivan Reitman joint.

We can’t think of a better way to spend your September Sunday than here with us at Obsolete’s Back to School: Deep Cover! in Freddy’s Back Room. You’ll laugh, drink, and maybe win some trivia prizes. But above all, you’ll learn a thing or three. Like how to write in cursive.

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