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George A. Romero Tribute: The Crazies & Knightriders

George Romero The Crazies Knightriders

On July 16, 2017, the world lost one of its greatest independent filmmakers and an important chronicler life, death, and the undead. Join us this month as we salute the legendary — and arguably NEVER Obsolete — Bronx native George A. Romero.

We start with Romero’s look at bio-weapons and post-Kent State protest, THE CRAZIES (1973). A small Pennsylvania town is locked down after the accidental release of a military-created virus that turns people into, well, angry zombies — and the residents aren’t happy. A zombie-not-zombie film that hits timely Nixon-era chords.

Next is KNIGHTRIDERS (1981), Romero’s epic Ren Faire LARP nightmare. Ed Harris is King William, the Arthurian leader of a troupe of motorcycle jousters. Yes, you read that correctly. With dissidence from Tom Savini and betrayal by queen Amy Ingersoll, the would-be king gets performance anxiety and the kingdom crumbles. Featuring Romero regular Ken Foree and cameos by Stephen and Tabitha King.

Come on down to Freddy’s for the films, trivia, and prizes — stay for the food and Happy Hour prices at the bar.

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