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Full Throttle: Speed & The Chase

Speed - Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock, The Chase - Charlie Sheen & Kristy Swanson

Buckle up! This month we’re hitting the road with a fuel-injected VHS double feature of ‘90s proportions.

First, put the pedal to the metal for SPEED (1994), the cat and mouse action thriller with a heart. Keanu Reeves is a heroic SWAT officer determined to save a busload of people from mad bomber Dennis Hopper, who’s rigged the bus to explode if it falls below 50mph. At the wheel is stressy-but-persistent Sandra Bullock, who Keanu helps coach to safety. The spark between them is… well, the second least believable part. The least believable is that the bus gets over 50mph in LA traffic.

Next, check your mirrors for THE CHASE (1994)! Charlie Sheen is a tiger-blooded birthday clown on the run in a stolen car; Kristy Swanson is the millionaire heiress he kidnaps with a candy bar. Henry Rollins is the cop trailing them (while shooting a Cops-style reality show), Anthony Kiedis and Flea drive a monster truck, and Ron Jeremy pops up along the way — really, what more do you need to know? #winning

You can’t drive 55 at Freddy’s, where the movies are fast and happy hour lasts all day!

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