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Future Games: Freejack & The Running Man

Think the future is all jet packs and hover boards? Think again! This month, we time hop to visions of futures past that are bleak, dark, and dystopian, just like they should be.

In FREEJACK (1992), Formula 1 racer Emilio Estevez is bounced into a dark 2009 moments before his death so his body can be used by corporate bigwig Anthony Hopkins. The details are convoluted, but all we really need to know is that Emilio is on the run and Emilio is fast. Featuring Mick Jagger as the mercenary on his tail, plus Rene Russo and David Johansen doing his Johansen thing.

Next, Arnold Schwarzenegger is THE RUNNING MAN (1987). In a very familiar 2017, the world economy and natural resources are kaput, and we live in a police state. Thankfully there’s still reality TV, and Arnold is the star, running for his life through a hunger game gauntlet of pro wrestlers (fellow governor Jesse Ventura!) and gladiators sure to leave those “Celebrity Apprentice” ratings in the dust. TV’s Richard Dawson pulls all the strings, while the other Mick (Fleetwood) and Dweezil Zappa lead the #Resistance.

The future is NOW at Freddy’s! With trivia & prizes before the movies plus Happy Hour at the bar!

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