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Back to School: Sex Ed! My Tutor & Private Lessons

In the words of Messrs. Earth, Wind and Fire, it’s September – and OC is once again heading Back to School – with sexy results! Join us as we take another look at two randy romps that only the adolescent ‘Hot for Teacher’ male ego could conceive- MY TUTOR (1983) and PRIVATE LESSONS (1981). We got it bad!

First up is MY TUTOR – the the tale of two SoCal friends (Matt Latanzi and Crispin Glover!) racing to lose their virginity in that magic summer before college. Unfortunately Bobby (Latanzi) failed his French final, and Dad Kevin ‘Bodysnatchers’ McCarthy hires a mature, ‘experienced’ blonde French tutor Terry (Caren Kaye) to beef up his skills for a crucial makeup test. Bobby shows limited interest until he glimpses Terry skinny-dipping in the moonlight, and… well, this stuff writes itself. Trust us - you won’t soon forget Crispin spinning on a bondage wheel.

Then we dive into another (seedier) May-December romance in PRIVATE LESSONS. Filly (Eric Brown) is left without parental guidance in Albuquerque, tended only by chauffeur Lester (Howard Hesseman) and that sexy (French) housekeeper Nicole (Sylvia Kristel). Nicole will stop at nothing to seduce the young teen and gain her citizenship, and Lester is out to blackmail him for his dad’s cash. It’s up to hapless tennis coach Ed Begley Jr. to play detective and defeat the nefarious scheme (after Filly becomes a man).

We hope you’ll come out for this safari through the birds n’ bees, and take full advantage of Freddy’s refreshing Happy Hour and amazing menu of goodies. Then go home and take a cold shower!

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