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Back-to-Afterschool Specials

The kids today… They’re all pregnant, drunk, doing dope and becoming punk rockers. Or so ABC Afterschool Specials would have you believe. This month, join us for an afternoon of these valuable life lessons — with limited commercial interruption.

1:00 - THE LATE GREAT ME! STORY OF A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC (1979, with original WABC-7 commercials!)
3:00 - STONED (1980, with Scott Baio)
3:30 - DESPERATE LIVES (1982, with Helen Hunt)
5:00 - THE DAY MY KID WENT PUNK (1987, with Jay Underwood and Bernie Kopell)

Curl up on the couch at Freddy’s, where every story has a moral and the temptation of Happy Hour is never far away!

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