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Obsolete Cinema Goes to Work! 9 to 5 & Office Space

  • Freddy's Bar 627 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States (map)

The ‘salt mines’ – the ‘daily grind’ – the ‘WiFi café’ - the shit. Whatever you call it, it’s a large part of most of our daily life and the life of our minds (unless you’re rich – get in touch!) This month Obsolete Cinema goes to work with two timeless looks at the lives of ‘working professionals.’

First up it’s the OG ‘Us Too’ vehicle – 9 TO 5 (1980). With the dream cast of Jane Fonda (playing against type as the shy newbie), Lily Tomlin and Dolly M’F’in Parton, it’s a take-no-prisoners office comedy in which perfect male chauvinist dick boss Dabney Coleman is served a plate of steaming-hot revenge as only working women can deliver. Will they get away with it?

Then it’s Mike Judge’s modern classic OFFICE SPACE (1999). The saga of fluorescent lighting, cubicles, TPS reports and the priceless red stapler, it’s Peter’s (Ron Livingston) Vison Quest when a chance session with a hypnotist leads to some deep self-examination of his plight as a mid-level software co. lackey. With the unforgettable Gary Cole as Lumberg, Stephen Root’s ‘Milton’ and that other guy as the other Michael Bolton.

So yeah – we’re going to need you to come in on a Sunday for this unbeatable work-a-day double, only in living VHS (we’ll have to get the player to the conference room.) It’s the most fun you’ll have since Casual Friday! Be sure to bring all your flair for Freddy’s amazing Happy Hour specials and brain-scratching trivia.