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The Great Obsolete Cinema Amerikathon!

Get ready for an afternoon fit for heroes!

This July 4th, gape in awe as we take a deep dive into American schlock ’n’ roll, saluting such beloved Amerkin gladiators as Captain America, Wonder Woman, The Greatest American Hero, Evel Knievel, and more as we make our way to the pinnacle of patriotic puppetry —  Matt & Trey’s TEAM AMERICA.

2:30pm - The Great Obsolete Cinema Amerikathon clip show

3:30pm - The Greatest American Hero, "Operation: Spoilsport"

4:30pm - ??? Viewer choice by democratic vote

6:00pm - Team America: World Police

Yes a show like this only comes along once in a country’s lifetime (so you better hurry). It will all be, well… TREMENDOUS! FUCK YEAH!

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